Meet our new additions from Tomac winery!

Tomac winery is one of the cannot-be-missed natural wine maker in Croatia, it is located in the Plešivica wine region, which is about a 30-minute drive from Zagreb, the capital city of Croatia. 

With a long history of winemaking, Plešivica plays host to over 30 family-run wineries and is regarded as the best area in Croatia for making sparkling wine and Pinot Noir. 

As we keep searching for great wine to share, we find this family run, small-production winery from the home country of one of our owners. The winery is running by Tomislav Tomac, his wife, and his father. 

All Tomac wines are fermented and aged in either amphorae or neutral oak casks. Fermentation is done using wild yeasts with the exception of sparkling wines. Tomac is also one of the three Croatian producers that are using amphorae to make wine.

We have carefully selected 11 varieties ranging from Sparkling, including Pet Nat, to Amfora Orange. We are so excited to bring this piece of Croatian wine scene to Fabus. 

Come and visit us or get your bottle to try via our webshop!

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